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Marketing Your Home Is Where Our Expertise Lies

At Inspired Sales and Lettings, we are here to help. Whether you’re thinking of selling your home now or in the future, knowing your options is key when making the next move in life. We are here to get you the best price for your home, in a time frame that suits you.

For us, it’s all about the service and keeping things simple, customer service is the heart of everything we do. We believe if we get this right, your sale will progress smoothly to successful completion.

At Inspired Sales and Lettings, we listen. We find out exactly what you want and need, then offer sound and well-informed advice to help you achieve it. We provide the best possible advertising coverage and creative marketing solutions so your home is seen, to get you the best possible price.

When is the best time to put my home on the market?

Life events often make moving home a priority as circumstances change. For example, babies will be born. People will get married. People will get divorced. People will change jobs and sometimes people just fancy a change! All are reasons people move!

Bletchley and Milton Keynes both have enormous amounts of employment opportunities. Milton Keynes is home to a several well-known companies such as Santander, Network Rail, Rightmove Plc and Red Bull Racing to name a few. The Oxford-Cambridge Arc (the Arc) is a globally significant area between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge. It supports over two million jobs, adds over £110 billion to the economy every year and houses one of the fastest-growing economies in England. Properties in Bletchley and Milton Keynes have always been a great location to invest with its equal distance from London and Birmingham. If you are not sure and would like to talk over your options, please feel free to call or email. We’re here to help you!

Where do you advertise?

These days it's all about having a great internet presence, which is why we advertise on all of the major property portals and websites including Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and OnTheMarket. Your home must stand out and this is achieved by professional photos and detailed floor plans; the details of your home will also be sent out to our ready waiting buyers by email and telephone. We also advertise through our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, all of which are updated regularly.

Do you have any tips so I can get my home ready for sale

There is a saying that a buyer decides on a house within the first thirty seconds of viewing. True or not, first impressions are crucial, so here are a few simple tips which will help to sell your home:

  1. Keep your driveway clear, leaving a space free so that your viewer can park easily, and if you have a caravan, try and find alternative parking whilst your home is on the market.
  2. Statistics recently published state that 1 in 4 households in the UK currently have pet dogs/cats and this number is growing fast. The reverse side of this is that 3 out of 4 households, and potential viewers, do not have any animals, and as such, a pet-free zone is the most beneficial way to present your property on viewings to potential future owners.
  3. Keep the garden neat and tidy – borders weeded and lawn mowed. Also, ensure that any outside refuse is stored carefully.
  4. Declutter - Keeping rooms clear of any unessential clutter can make a huge difference to potential buyers. Finding attractive storage for toys, keeping beds made, and washing up done, will create a feeling of order, comfort and space, and draw the potential buyer to your home’s assets and not distract during that critical first viewing.
  5. The old days of baking bread and making fresh coffee are somewhat behind us but there is no doubt that a bunch of fresh flowers or any welcoming touches all help.

Remember we are selling homes and lifestyles, not show houses, so consider the above and present your house as best as is practical for you, and if you need any further guidance on this, our sales team would be happy to advise.